Positive Minds Lead to Powerful Places

This year has been one of many triumphs and challenges in my life. I’ve learned more about myself than ever before and I’ve started blossoming into the grown woman that I want to be and am proud to present to the world. Not surprisingly, a huge part of that has been redefining my outlook and attitude. This week, my new and improved state of mind was really tested… to the max. After waking up to incredibly undeserving, unwelcome and berating drunk text messages early in the week to getting my parked car crashed into at the end of the week, I am exhausted and totally warn out, to say the least! What once would have been a “WHAT THE F*CK GOD” response was an odd sense of calm and appreciation for all the wonderful things in my life aside from the not so ideal obstacles.

We must constantly bear in mind that we all have bad days and shit is always bound to happen… Unfortunately, we can’t control these things. The real question is, what CAN we control? The answer is simple and it’s something I’m sure you already know deep down inside…

We control our own outlook.
We control our own attitude.
The way we choose to react and respond to our surroundings and situations is incredibly powerful and can often lead you in the right or wrong direction in life. Far too often we bury ourselves in a pile of complaints, catastrophe and victimization rather than standing atop our mountain of adversity with the mindset designed to conquer.
People get sick.
People we love pass away.
Jobs are lost.
Days become unrealistically overwhelming.
Kids don’t behave.
Friends fail us.
We fall off the wagon.
The wagon breaks altogether.
Cars crash.
Catastrophe happens.
Things are stolen.
Things get lost.
We say the wrong things.
We date the wrong people.
We make bad choices.
These things will never change.

Regardless of what’s thrown our way, we must rise above and remember the good things that bless us and our lives each and everyday. We must take a deep breath and process the facts, consequences and path that should be travelled to move forward. We must not ruminate in the depths of sorrow and darkness. There is a light, but your eyes most be open to see it shining.Next time you feel a sad face approaching, remind yourself to smile. Tell yourself three things that make you wonderful and reasons why should feel thankful. Above all, proceed with a positive mind so you may be lead to powerful places.



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