Gladiator Training Part 2

With less than a week to go until the Gladiator Rock’n Run, things are really heating up….
No really, it’s freaking HOT outside, right?!
Since I last brought you up to speed in Gladiator Training Part 1, training has been fun filled and dripping with sweat. While the intense workouts with the Pasadena Fire Department (pictured above) have continued, I’ve also been focused on completing group training sessions at the South Pasadena High School stadium/track. These group training sessions are developed to prepare our bodies and minds for what the actual race will entail, and they’re a great opportunity for friends (old and new) to come together for free fitness!
The group training course, which utilizes the track, stadium bleachers, our own body weight and various resources around the area was created for fun using the actual obstacles at Gladiator Rock’n Run. The main objective? Preparing ourselves to go from running to obstacles and back again, over and over and over for a total of 3.1 miles and 14 obstacles. Although we can’t replicate the exact race or course, we can condition our bodies and minds to be ready for what lies ahead, which is exactly the point of training.
Gladiator in Training Chanel Hason putting in some serious work and getting energized to cross the finish line!

Here’s what one of our group training session routes looked like:

1 warm up (walk) lap around the track
2 jogging/running laps around the track
Tire High Knees through “ladders” on the field (like high knees but more out to the sides like you’re jumping through tires)
30-40 crunches
2 jogging/running laps around the track
Bleachers (full set – one way through stands to chin-up bars)
3-5 Chin-Ups & Monkey Bars (across chin-up bars)
Bleachers (full set – one way back through stands to track again)
2 jogging/running laps around the track
Bear Crawl (track to goal post)
Side Shuffle (goal post back to track)
2 jogging/running laps around the track
Wall Jump/Pull Up onto Bleachers
Bleachers (2 steps at a time – full set – one way through stands)
Grapevine (back to track from end of bleachers)
20 Push ups

2 jogging/running laps around the track
High Knees through “ladders” on the field
1 jogging/running laps around the track
40 Calf Raises
1 cool down (walk) lap around the track
Gladiator in Training Nicole Salazar going strong and getting ready for the big race!
The more I planned training sessions and actively completed intense sweat sessions, the more I realized something…

The better the music is that’s blasting through my headphones, the faster my feet will go and the farther my body will take me. I need that goooooood shit that will drop phat beats and send me sprinting without even thinking about it. The solution? I asked my awesome friend and incredible DJ, Ross Potter (aka: BossRoss) to make me a mix! To my shrieking excitement, HE DID and IT’S PERFECT! Of course, I think you should all download it too and try it out for an ultra impressive work out that will leave you fired up and fiercely in shape…

Limitless by BossRoss
(download here by clicking “click here to start download from sendspace”)

…See you next time for the 3rd and final segment of GLADIATOR TRAINING…


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