Gladiator Training Part 1

My fit life journey continues to teach me that I must respond accordingly to routine boredom, conquering new challenges and expanding my horizons. So, in true Love Fit Life fashion, it’s time to climb a new mountain and cross another finish line!
When my great friend and fitness buddy Chanel Hason of Photography + Science = Chanel sent me an excited message to sign up for the Gladiator Rock’n Run happening Saturday, October 6th at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, I was pretty terrified… no use pretending I wasn’t… But, fear can be the most powerful fuel, so, I agreed and the next thing I knew, we began gearing up for the most intense race I’ve decided to participate in (so far in my fit life journey). Not only am I terrified because a run combined with obstacle challenges isn’t something I’ve ever done before, but I was also nervous about putting my body through that kind of test.
*Lifelong friend, fitness lover and real life gladiator Joe Polifroni never stops motivating me to push my limits*
The first thing on my training list to check and clear was my injured elbow. About 12 years ago I pulled a classic move called “trip and fall at the 4th of July parade and break your elbow.” After a night in the hospital and surgery that put me in a sexy full arm cast for the hottest part of summer, my elbow never felt the same. Since then, I’ve almost completely avoided strenuous activities that I fear might further injure my arm and myself – despite my desire to take on things like CrossFit and upper body strength training, I’ve chosen not to. Signing up for Gladiator Rock’n Run made me give some serious thought to that though. For the first time since I broke my arm, I decided to actually spend the time and money on seeing a professional. To my joyous surprise, my friend and incredible chiropractor in Pasadena named Kevin Cressey happened to come up on Yelp when I searched sports medicine doctors in my area. I was thrilled that Kevin has a lot of experience with athletes and is highly active himself, which is something that’s different from the chiropractors I’ve seen in the past. My visit left me feeling confident in my ability to train in a way I haven’t done before, and made me vastly more knowledgeable about modifications I should be making to cater to my specific injury and needs. Thank you, Kevin!!
Now, onto the hard part…. actually doing it and figuring out how to train!
To get ourselves started, we asked for help from the Pasadena Fire Department. That’s right, ladies…. we’ve been working out with the firemen… it’s totally a bummer too…. they’re super ugly and they have really small muscles… ew. HAHA, just kidding, I crack myself up. They’re the coolest guys ever and since they’re practically the definition of real life gladiators, they’ve been the perfect trainers!! Granted, Chanel and I enjoy dance parties when they have to break away on a call for 10 minutes, but that just adds to the fun! So far, they’ve been putting us through workouts like FIGHT GONE BAD! This CrossFit workout designed to simulate a mixed martial arts fight consists of 5 minutes of high intensity work followed by 1 minute of rest. Here’s what our workout and 3 rounds of FGB looked like last week:
Warm Up
1 mile run & 5 minutes jump rope
Cherry On Top
That’s not all though!
Stay Tuned…
There’s more Gladiator Training to come!

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