Grocery Store Goodness

After a wonderful short getaway weekend, I arrived home to a completely empty refrigerator, an exhausting realization that tomorrow is the beginning of a busy new week, and a desire to keep my fit life going strong. Needless to say, I grabbed my reusable grocery bags and took a nice walk down to the store. A full refrigerator of healthy options always helps me get energized to jump into a productive and refreshing week!
Healthy Shopping Tip
Follow the Frame
By following the “frame” of the grocery store, I mostly hit the fresh sections like produce, meat, seafood, eggs and dairy. I’m able to limit my temptation to buy processed junk food and I go in a quick and efficient circle around the store leading right to check out!
Fun Find
Finding this “new to me” pack of perfectly portion controlled chicken breasts put a huge smile on my face in the store. I’ve been a fan of Weight Watchers for some time now – mostly because their focus on portion control has helped me a lot. Their food products are pretty consistently tasty without being outrageously priced. These chicken breasts will be perfect to thaw in the refrigerator during the work day and quickly cook at night for a fast and healthy dinner. 
Prep for Success
When time permits, I love prepping snacks and meals right when I get home with full grocery bags. I find that my shopping momentum keeps me going and gets me enthusiastic to have healthy things on hand. Today, after my glorious chicken breast find, I spotted some delicious imitation snow crab legs for a great deal. Crab is something I’ve been getting more excited about and snagging at the store when the price and taste is right. Not only does the American Heart Association recommend eating fish or seafood twice a week, but crab is also low in calories and a good source of antioxidants, protein and natural sodium. I, personally, enjoy quality imitation meat and the real thing, so I’ll buy what looks like the best option at the time. I took my tasty crab meat and decided to make a little salad mix to eat with veggies, crackers, etc…
Crab Salad
Chop & Combine:
Crab meat
Dill Pickles
Mix In:
Pineapple Salsa (if available)
Lime Juice
Creole Seasoning
Top With:
Happy Shopping!

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