[TPBE] The Q & A Session

Week 4 of The Pure Barre Effect is done and I’m still loving the classes at Pure Barre Pasadena. I’ve been getting a lot of questions from Love Fit Life supporters, so I thought it would be fun to change up the review & recap this week and do a little Q & A session…

Q: What’s all this TPBE and Pure Barre about?
A: The Pure Barre Effect (TPBE) is an experiment to see what happens when I cut out all my weight training and change my regular exercise routine to revolve around consistent classes at Pure Barre Pasadena. My transformation experiment will be complete on August 1st (Eeeek!) and I’m already seeing more results than I ever thought imaginable. This unique workout/class style that incorporates Pilates, yoga, 2-5 pound weights, a little red ball, the ballet barre, and isometric movements creates long and lean muscles that strengthens and tones your whole body.

Q: How often do you go to classes at Pure Barre Pasadena?
A: I’ve been going to about 3 classes per week. On Mondays, I’ll go to the schedule online and sign up for 3-4 classes that week that I can go to. Sometimes my week is a lot busier than expected so I’ll only make it to 2 classes, while other weeks work out as planned and I make it to all 3-4.

Q: Isn’t that a lot? Aren’t you busy?
A: Well, yes, I am really busy, but this is a critical part of my routine – by making it a priority to aim for 3 classes per week, I am more careful about keeping an organized calendar, I’m more mindful about overbooking myself, and I’m rewarded by looking and feeling fantastic at the end of each and every day. I typically plan classes for a few days right after work so I still have time to get my day duties done and make it home in time for dinner and a good night sleep.

Q: Isn’t it expensive?
A: It’s probably more expensive than that gym membership you’re paying for and not really using, but it’s less expensive than a lot of alternatives and it’s incredibly worth it. By buying smart and getting packages to use over time or unlimited memberships on a monthly basis, I end up paying about $10 per class. When $10 classes that yield outstanding and noticeable results is up against the comparable alternatives like personal training sessions, it’s a no-brainer for me.

Q: What exactly are these outstanding and noticeable results so far?
A: Ohhhhh let me tell you…

  • My arms are more defined in the best way I’ve ever seen them – no big bulk, just sleek definition. That famous area of fat by the armpit that overflows over tube tops is also going down – thank goodness!
  • My back is more toned and defined… and is getting compliments for the first time (I think ever).
  • My abs are more flat than they’ve ever been (yes, even flatter than when I went to the Bahamas) – the area under by breasts that always bulges out when I have a bra on is disappearing and my lower abs which is my main trouble area is flattening out more than it ever has with any other exercise or workout program. This is my biggest area of excitement!
  • My love handle area is toning up and the muffin top effect that always happens with certain clothing is getting smaller… like a little mini muffin now and soon to be no muffin at all (hopefully).
  • My seat (buttocks) is more toned and lifted than when I began… I’ve been blessed with good child bearing hips (as my mother likes to say), so this area will take a consistent amount of effort, but I’ve definitely noticed an improvement.
  • My thighs are thinner and there’s space forming in between my legs when I stand up straight (with my legs together).
  • My calves are getting super toned!
  • My posture and “at-ease” stance are improving – I find that I’m keeping my core tightened without thinking about it as much, and my habit of slouching is transforming into standing up tall – hooray!
  • My menstrual cycle symptoms have dramatically improved.
  • My overall frame appears to be getting smaller. When looking in the big mirrors in class, I’ve noticed my profile looking a lot leaner.
  • My clothes fit better… they’re not necessarily bigger like they would be if I was losing weight, but they look and feel better overall. This is awesome to me because when I have lost weight and changed sizes, it can get expensive to change out a lot of your wardrobe.

Q: Are you serious….?

Q: Does the class get easier the more you go?
A: Yes and no…

  • Yes…it gets easier in the sense that you are more familiar with the movements and your mind and body get better at breathing through the pain. The more I work certain muscles, the more they can handle before I want and/or need to give up. The more consistent I am about going to class, the more conditioned my body is to get through the workout. 
  • No…it doesn’t get easier because the movements are always changing, the class gets modified, and realistically, you wouldn’t see such great results if it was easy… One thing I love about Pure Barre is that you can self-modify to make it harder again as you DO get better. For instance, I was recently in a class, in a certain position/exercise and I noticed I was smoothe sailing through all the reps. I knew this wasn’t right and that it was a sign I needed to self-modify because I was improving. So, I raised up higher on my tippy toes, sank down lower into my “seat” position, and instantly started shaking from how hard it was. Since then, I’ve been more and more aware to self-modify and adjust as I go more and get better. Yes, it kind of sucks when you go from “ohhh yahhh this is a piece of cake” to “ohhh noooo I want to scream,” but the results and that great “I DID IT” feeling that follows certainly does NOT suck at all.
As always, I want to hear from all of you so don’t hold back if you have more questions, comments, suggestions, etc… Until next time, remember to tuck your seat! See you soon baboon!

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