DIY Inspiration

I am a firm believer in creating a place for yourself that keeps you inspired, balanced, motivated, peaceful and replenished. Unfortunately, that’s hard to do. Between family, friends, roommates, spouses/partners, pets and more, the concept of such a place seems unattainable to most. I’ve found that the solution often appears in the form of “the little things” that are mixed into all the commotion: your favorite candle, your special chair, your perfect bathtub, your beautiful garden, your fort under the covers, and so on.
My favorite “little thing” is in the center of my cottage. It’s my bathroom door that’s covered in chalkboard paint. Here, on this small little black door, I create my very own DIY (Do It Yourself) Inspiration. 
What was originally an idea to draw all kinds of cool stuff when I moved in quickly changed as I stood in front of the door for the first time with chalk in hand. I had no idea what to draw. While some call me creative, the sight of a blank canvas is more frightening to me than most would probably think. Even though I had absolutely no one to impress, I felt an enormous amount of pressure at that moment and was simply unable to do anything. So, the chalkboard door sat there, blank, until the next day. The next day was challenging… I don’t remember why, but it was one of those days when you would rather be screaming and punching things than smiling and acting polite. I got home, dropped my bag, picked up the piece of chalk, and without even thinking, I wrote a memorable quote that had helped me through the day:
Smile and let everyone know that today, you’re a lot stronger than you were yesterday. 
Since then, my chalkboard bathroom door has been the center of my household inspiration and my personal creativity. It reminds me that the slate can be cleaned and new stories can be written. It encourages me to express myself without hesitation. It inspires me to stand up tall and walk into the world with courage. It motivates me to reflect and respond to my emotions instead of running from them.


So, the next time you need a little bit of change and a lot of inspiration, remember it can be as easy as picking up some chalkboard paint. Your blank black canvas awaits you…



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