[TPBE] The Halfway Hump

The Pure Barre Effect is going strong and I’m proud to report I’ve successfully finished my 3rd week! I can’t believe how fantastic the classes at Pure Barre Pasadena have been so far, the friends I’ve already made and the outstanding progress I’ve seen and experienced in such a short time. The completion of my 3rd week is extra exciting too because it means I’ve reached my halfway point. With my completion date of August 1 just around the corner, I’m reminding myself to really put in the time and effort to finish with the maximum results possible. For me, the halfway hump in any project or goal reaching journey has a tendency to get me a little down and dragging… but not this time! I feel more motivated than ever to step up and get that long lean and toned body I’ve always dreamed of!
Playing peek-a-boo before Jake whips me into shape!


During my 3rd week of TPBE, I attended the following classes:
Monday 7/2/12 @ 6:35 pm with Jake DuPree
Class with Jake on Monday was outstanding! The routine was clearly changed up a bit from the previous week so I got to do a lot of new and challenging exercises. One thing about Pure Barre Pasadena that I’m really loving is this change of pace and routine – just when my body starts to adjust to a certain move, they switch it up which results in more progress! Jake’s amazing ability to instruct and demonstrate made the class even more of a success too. Love it!

Tuesday 7/3/12 @ 6:35 pm with Kimi Cantrell

Pure Barre the day before Independence Day was awesome! Not only was the class filled to the brim, but it had more switched up moves like the day before. I noticed some of the same changes from the day before, but there were even more new moves incorporated. This new routine the 2nd day in a row really had me working up a sweat, and Kimi’s incredibly sweet and reassuring nature got me through to the end without a problem!

Saturday 7/7/12 @ 8:25 am with Jake DuPree

This was my first morning class at Pure Barre Pasadena and let me just say… I WANT MOREEEE!!! Granted, it’s always challenging to rise and shine on a weekend to exercise, but I wouldn’t have done it any other way! I had a long day planned ahead of me and it was exactly what I needed to get myself going and in a positive state of mind. Jake, as always, was amazing and got me giggling, which was critical when trying not to be upset about being awake on Saturday morning!
Thoughts & Observations
Again, I must stress how wonderful the change of routine was… or rather, how wonderful it was that I actually noticed for the first time. Since it was my 3rd consistent week I was able to identify a pattern to some extent – while there is a base template for the class(es), the focus and specific movements are modified and adjusted each week (so it seems). I’m not sure what the method to the madness is, but I love it – it’s making me confident and comfortable with the technique while simultaneously getting me excited and working hard on something new.

This week, I really started noticing bigger changes in my body and the level of toning that I’m getting. My legs feel and look leaner… there is space forming in between my thighs when I stand with my legs together… I quite literally thought that was impossible (for my body). My lower abdomen is flatter than it’s ever been… the source of my “I hate how this shirt/outfit looks” statements is disappearing… again, I thought that was impossible!

In terms of soreness, I feel it the most in my triceps (back of the arms) and calves. Along with the soreness though, I also notice how shockingly good they’re looking…. ohhhh yahhh!

Being fun and fierce with Kimi & Jake – obviously…
Favorite Technique of the Week
Stretching throughout class.
At Pure Barre Pasadena, we are constantly stretching throughout class. We’ll warm up, do arms, then stretch… we’ll do thighs, then stretch… we’ll do our seat (buttocks), then stretch… we’ll do abs, then stretch… it’s outstanding. My issues and inability to get into a good stretching habit is being completely redefined by Pure Barre Pasadena. I’ve come to require and appreciate this portion of class more than I thought possible. Not only has it increased my performance and ability to excel in class, but it’s dramatically increased my overall flexibility, which I’m totally in favor of! Like Mase would say, BREATHE, STRETCH, SHAKE!

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