[TPBE] Little Tuck, Little Squeeze & Big Results Please!

Another week of The Pure Barre Effect is done and Pure Barre Pasadena has me hooked!
During my 2nd week of TPBE, I attended the following classes:
Wednesday 6/27/12 @ 6:35 pm with Leah Purcell
Leah continues to push me to my limit and keep me motivated. I can’t help but swoon over her long and lean body equip with legs that are always so perfectly straight! In Leah’s class, I often find myself determined to keep going and get to that point of flexibility. She also does a great job balancing a cheerful attitude with strong leadership that really clicks with me… Thank you, Leah – I will see you and your long and lean self again soon 🙂
Friday 6/29/12 @ 5:30 pm with Melanie Colbrunn
This was my first class with Mel and it was a KILLER! I’m not sure if it was so challenging because I was tired from a long week or if her moves were just too much for me to handle (or a combination), but it definitely got me sweating and out of breathe. I liked her feisty and determined attitude that really kept the class going even when we were struggling the most – at one point she even refused to count down the last 10 reps until everyone was doing it together… Feeling that sense of Pure Barre team work felt great!
Saturday 6/30/12
I am sad to say that I signed up for this Saturday morning class and I didn’t end up making it there. Unfortunately, I just had too much going on, which is a very real part of life sometimes. I am happy (though) to say, I didn’t allow myself to get discouraged and I committed to going strong the next week.

Feeling that Pure Barre Effect and LOVING IT!! 
Thank you, Pure Barre Pasadena for making this 4th of July my most confident red, white & blue bikini body day I’ve ever had 🙂

Thoughts & Observations
Week 2 has me feeling more at ease with the exercises and already noticing big changes. The 2 areas I notice to most: abs/midsection and calves. My lower abdomen is flattening out more than I’ve ever felt or seen which literally leaves me jumping for joy! My calves are noticing big changes too – all that work up on my tippy toes is giving my legs some incredible definition… I feel like that episode of MTV’s True Life where the guy gets calf implants (hehe).Favorite Technique of the Week
“The higher the heel the thinner the thigh”
One thing we do A LOT at Pure Barre Pasadena is go up on our tippy toes. It’s hard and it’s a no joke addition to the class – this seemingly simple movement/position leaves my legs and entire core worked to exhaustion and toned to the max. The part I love most is that you can modify this technique as you get better – the more experience I have, the higher I can go on my tippy toes and the more I will work all the affected muscle groups.



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