[TPBE] A girl walks into (a) barre and says "OW"

I have officially completed my 1st week of The Pure Barre Effect at Pure Barre Pasadena!
(matchy matchy with instructor Leah Purcell)


During my 1st week of TPBE, I attending the following classes:
Tuesday 6/19/12 @ 6:35pm with Kimi Cantrell
Class #1 and I LOVED IT – I’m totally hooked! Check out more of my initial thoughts here.

Wednesday 6/20/12 @ 6:35pm with Leah Purcell
Class #2 and still loving it! Going back for a second day in a row was rough, I won’t lie, but I ultimately agreed with instructor Leah’s opinion that pushing through can feel great and incredibly rewarding. Leah, like Kimi, really keeps me motivated and she adjusted and corrected my posture/form from time to time which I really appreciate. This class was a much smaller group than my 1st class, which was nice because I got to experiment with different sized classes.

Thursday 6/21/12 @ 12:00pm with Alexis Hovden
Class #3 with the one and only OWNER of Pure Barre Pasadena, Alexis Hovden! While I can’t usually go during the day because of work, I made a point of getting there for Alexis’ class because I really wanted to check out her style. She was great and like Kimi and Leah, kept me motivated, working hard and using correct form. She incorporated some moves I hadn’t done yet which was a perfect opportunity to work different areas and learn more Pure Barre technique.

Thoughts & Observations

I find it SHOCKING that I feel such a difference after only one week of 3 classes.I feel sore, but in a good way. I can still move, but my body and muscles have most definitely been worked on a much deeper level than usual. What I find even more facinating is WHEN & HOW I feel sore – most of the time when I’ve been sore after exercise, it’s just in daily life (every time I walk, sit, turn, talk, etc… I feel like screaming out in pain), but with the Pure Barre technique, my muscles are getting worked on such a deep level that the soreness only surfaces when I go back to work those muscles again or when I bend and stretch in certain ways. To me, this is a type of soreness that is totally manageable, because I hate having to go through my day feeling miserable.

Ok, ladies… so it just so happened that my first week of TPBE landed right before my special monthly visitor showed up (you know which one I’m talking about…). This is the area that I noticed the most tremendous difference:

2 full days of cramps turned into half a day of minor cramps!
2-3 days of irritability and PMS turned into about an hour!
2-3 days of bloating and feeling like a huge pregnant whale woman turned into barely any bloating at all… like, I almost forgot my cycle was going to start because I use my bloat factor as a good indication of timing!

I should also mention that I have gone through changes with my cycle as I’ve exercised more, but NOTHING like THIS! The intense core strengthening and tucking and squeezing movements that I’ve been doing at Pure Barre really tapped into the muscles that are affected by my monthly cycle and completely changed what I’m used to in the best way possible. When push comes to shove, I will always go to Pure Barre because it makes that one week a month a million times more manageable!

(Party @ PBPasadena – from left: Hanna Azboy, Me, Alexis Hovden, Emily Adams, Jenn Barker)

Favorite Technique of the Week

TUCKING MY SEAT!! Tucking your seat is something you do throughout the entire Pure Barre class and I think it makes a big difference. Not quite sure what tucking your seat means? Stand up straight as you normally would and soften your knees so you’re legs are not completely locked – from there, pull in your abdomen while very slightly shifting your hips forward so it feels like you’re literally tucking your bottom underneath you. By tucking my seat, my core is actively engaged and I have to concentrate on my movements exponentially more. Even though it makes the workout harder, it also makes it way more effective and I LOVE THAT!



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