The 5K Finish Line

 – we walked, we ran, we conquered –
I want to give a huge shout out to everyone on the Love Fit Life Team for an amazing race, a wonderful time, overwhelmingly positive attitudes, and incredible team spirit! We succeeded at being GOAL GETTERS in addition to raising money for the PADRES Contra el Cancer, having a great time, getting outside for some undeniably great exercise, and contributing to the overall good of ourselves and others.Thank you
Linda Barker
Duncan Wigg
Emily Adams
Claudia Rodriguez (& Max Rodriguez)
Yvette Barone
Branden Boucher
Tiffany Yoshida
Brandon Chong
Chanel Hason
Alex Nawrocki
Erin Shih (& Aidan Shih)
Stephen Shih
Cathy Simms
Garrett Bell
Karen Bell
& all of our sponsors
for helping us go above and beyond our participation and fundraising goals!

We had an incredible 16 participants that helped raise an outstanding $685 (plus any last minute donations I’m not yet aware of). That means we had 6 more participants and $585 more than our original goal – AMAZING!! Great great job team – I am so proud of every single one of you, and of us as a whole!

Not only that, but our very own Alex Nawrocki finished in an astonishing 22 minutes! Talk about FIT LIFE – Great job, Alex!

Setting goals is admirable; Reaching goals is powerful!


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