[TPBE] The Starting Line

Yesterday, I survived my very first class at Pure Barre Pasadena.
Today, I want to tell you all about it.
THANK YOU KIMI for a great class (that’s us… cute, right?!). You really got me moving and working up a sweat! Your positive energy and welcoming attitude made me feel at home right from the get go, and I felt motivated to keep going even when I was pushed to my limit. Your instruction was easy to follow and I love that you were actively participating with the class 🙂
Jumping into a new goal/project/transformation really got me thinking about where I am and where I want to be. I am not fat – I just want to say that out loud… I am, however, a constant work in progress. I feel good, but honestly, I don’t feel great. I feel strong and fit to an extent, but I don’t feel completely toned and firm. Ultimately, there’s always room for improvement and I’m all about going for the gold. It’s not only me, though. Apparently, I’m not the only one in that boat. I’ve been hearing a lot of you out there agree that there needs to be a more welcoming place in the world for the “I’m not necessarily fat, but I want to improve myself more” kind of people. I’m tired of people telling me to “Shut up” because I already exercise a lot. I want to be in a community and environment that supports personal efforts to excel and grow – so, I’m going to create one.IT DOESN’T MATTER HOW OVERWEIGHT YOU ARE OR IF YOU’RE NOT OVERWEIGHT AT ALL – YOU SHOULD ALWAYS STRIVE TO BE YOUR BEST. YOU SHOULD ALWAYS AIM TO BE HEALTHY, ACTIVE AND BALANCED. YOU SHOULD ALWAYS BE SEARCHING FOR YOUR PASSION(S) AND EXPERIENCING THEM. 

My first class yesterday was such a great wake up call. I had to remind myself to breathe. I had to encourage myself to keep going. I had to be understanding that my body wasn’t used to the Pure Barre workout. I had to remember progress takes time and won’t happen overnight. I had to push through the pain and keep going.

I loved the continuous focus throughout class on tucking in your hips & “seat” (I love that they call it that too! It sounds so much classier than butt hehe!) – it completely activated my core in a way it’s not used to. I loved the small concentrated movements that may not look like much to an outsider, but totally rip you to pieces and work you to the bone! Overall, I just love Pure Barre so far. I should note – I am sore today, in such a great way though. I can still move – which is a huge plus. However, because of the concentrated movements, I can really feel which muscles were worked (for instance, my triceps and obliques are feeling it the most). I’d almost say it’s like a deeper sense of soreness – one that leaves me trusting the effectiveness of the Pure Barre workout and hungry to go back for more.

::5th & Finally::
Since I really want to see the transformation that my body and mind experience from committing to Pure Barre Pasadena, I thought it would be important to track my progress with actual statistics. So, as much as it may pain me to expose myself to this degree…

Here’s me, right now, at the starting line:

*Note: I refused to do the typical “sad face” starting line pictures because I am happy with my current state – I just want to improve even more!

Weight: 134.5 lbs
Bust:  35″
Waist: 27″
Right Below the Bellybutton: 30.5″
Hips: 39″
Thighs: 23″
Biceps: 10″

Peace, Love, Pure Barre Pasadena!
…See you soon…



  1. Hahah I appreciate the note you've attached to the photos. I too wonder about the requisite sad face everyone has for their "before" photo. Such a refreshing change! I'm headed to my first PB class this afternoon and thought I'd pop by your blog… thanks for the motivation!

  2. Thank you @The Funny Alto! I'm so glad to hear you're reading Love Fit Life and trying out PB – let me know what you think and maybe I'll see you there 🙂

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