Introducing: The Pure Barre Effect

My fit life is a balancing act. I want it all – a long healthy life, a great fit body, a memorably fabulous social life, a successful career, and endless amounts of time and funds to relax and be pampered. Easiest balancing act in the world, right?! HA! No such luck my friend.
My life in general is a total roller coaster. I’m in constant pursuit of aforementioned balance and finding a way to have it all and get it all done. For instance, rewind 2 weeks ago: I was just minding my own business, doing great on my fit life routine, and I got totally knocked down – fever, cold/flu symptoms, overall sad face all of a sudden one night. I recovered fairly quickly (which I’m told is a true sign of good health – sweet!), but it had the usual lame effect that sickness has – my routine was totally thrown off. After 2 weeks of too little exercise and too much food, I’m finally ready to say “Enough!” (like J.Lo, ba-dum-chhhhh). I’m ready for a transformation.
The Pure Barre Effect
:: What is this, Rachel? ::
My new PROJECT!! And if you know me, you KNOW I love projects – like, load ’em up even if my plate is overflowing like Thanksgiving dinner, girlfriend.
For real though…
It’s me…
 attending classes consistently 3-4 times each week…
at the now open Pure Barre Pasadena.
It’s me…
making a commitment to consistency for 45 days…
and seeing what happens.
It’s me…
showing you that change is possible…
and you can have the body of your dreams.
:: And what exactly is Pure Barre Pasadena all about? ::
Pure Barre offers intensely focused, incredibly toning, and muscle elongating classes that utilize the ballet bar. These 55 minute fat burning revolution sessions (as they should be called) are a perfect way to become that long, lean, toned machine you’ve always dreamed about. Take down that Victoria’s Secret model, because you’ll be refrigerator worthy and picture perfect in no time. BAM!
Thumbs-Up Fact Sheet
The studio is conveniently located at 107 South Fair Oaks Ave [Suite 109] in Pasadena [SoCal] so I can go right after work – Perf!
Their flexible schedule allows me to plan on attending classes at least a few times a week – Perf!
The cost breaks down very affordably when I’m smart about buying packages, taking advantage of deals, and going consistently – Perf!
The staff is friendly, fun and extremely motivating – Perf!
The music is great, the technique works, and there’s an instructor leading me the whole way through – PERF!!
Ok, you convinced me 🙂
Come back tomorrow to find out the full details on my transformation starting point and how I did at my very first Pure Barre Pasadena class!

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