Do It, Review It: Chanel Hason on Run.Yoga.Give

This special edition of Do It, Review It comes from the one and only Chanel Hason! Thank you so much for being the first ever Love Fit Life Guest Blogger, Chanel – take it away….
Hello Love Fit Life world!
When Rachel asked me to write a guest blog – I said HECK YES! I been writing my own blog called Photography+Science=Chanel for a little over 2 years now. It’s a great way to vent, spread knowledge, and make new friends J
Last weekend, I participated in an event called Run.Yoga.Give. promoted by lululemon Pasadena in order to raise money for Madison Elementary School through the Pasadena Educational Foundation. The money for the school was to keep in place their physical education department, which was unfortunately halted because of budget cuts.  
The event consisted of a fun run 5K around the Rose Bowl lead by Run Ambassador David Liston from Stadium Fitness, followed by a power yoga class on the field of the Rose Bowl lead by Liana Gannan from Yoga Blue.
My friend Josh and I decided that we were going to go for it! I’m running a 5K on June 24th with the Love Fit Lifeteam for the Padres Parents Against Cancer Foundation event. I thought this would be the pre-Padres running challenge J
We got there early- and soon we were off on our run! I have ran the Rose Bowl before, but cheated and didn’t run the FULL loop in entirety.  So this time, I was going to really push myself to not stop, and kick some butt. I WAS GOING TO DO THIS ALL FOR ME. Luckily Josh and I had a similar pace the whole run, so I was even more motivated to stay up with him. It is amazing the running “high” I got while doing this 5K – the whole sense of doing something good, with tons of other people running along side me, really pushedme to finish hard and fast! I focused on my pace and breathe, and at 28 minutes I crossed the finish line!
I forgot to mention that I’ve had 2 knee surgeries, luckily (or not) on the same knee. So if you may think that 5K (3.1 miles) really isn’t something to brag about, then I’d say run a 5K in my shoes. I will never fully have a healthy knee, but I’m a competitive strong woman and won’t let my knee stop me. This was a huge accomplishment in my book, and I cannot WAIT to run another 5K with the Love Fit LifeTeam Jin less than 2 weeks.
After the run, people could do the stairs of the Rose Bowl lead by Stadium Fitness or relax until the yoga on the pristine grass of the Rose Bowl Stadium. I relaxed, and took some classic silly photos in the meanwhile 😉
When we started doing yoga, the sun was out and the weather was perfect. For an hour and a half, I was in the best mindset and my body was feeling fantastic. I was happy that Rachel and her mom joined in on the yoga after coming back from a wedding the night before!
For the rest of the entire day- I was in the best mood and my body felt golden. We ended up raising over 3k for Madison Elementary School, too! Do good things for your mind, body and soul once in a while J and fully understand why life is great.

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