Do It, Review It: Studio Fusion

16401 Gothard St.
Huntington Beach, CA 92647
(714) 596-7400
I decided to start the “Do It, Review It” series with Studio Fusion because this is where my fit life really started kicking in. I was living in Huntington Beach, not eating well (and eating WAY too much), and not getting much exercise. One day, I was introduced to the incredible Heather Lauchlan (soon to be Heather Cotsenmoyer!) and told she was someone I would totally get along with and a Zumba instructor to make things even better! Long story short – yes, she’s AMAZING, yes, we get along VERY well, and yes, she’s a FANTASTIC Zumba instructor that really gets me moving and motivated! Before I knew it, I was going to classes at Studio Fusion almost every weekend and absolutely loving it. With that said, here are some of the niddy griddy details to get you going:
Classes Offered?
Studio Fusion specializes in classes that fuse together different methods of exercise and dance. Most classes I’ve been to use low weights and various props that simultaneously give you that “I CAN DO THIS” feeling while maximizing your workout and its effects. The result is a unique and incredibly fun workout that I’ve become completely addicted to. Now that I’m not living in Huntington Beach, I feel devastated to the point that I recently decided to head down on some Saturday and Sunday mornings because it’s such a one of a kind place that I can’t get enough of (let me know if you want to join me and carpool from Pasadena/LA!). Some of my favorite classes are Zumba, Barre Fusion, Pilates Sculpt, Hip Hop Cardio Fitness, Yoga Sculpt Fusion, and I’m sure all the rest that they offer as soon as I can try them!
The Vibe?
The vibe at Studio Fusion is great. The studio is clean and absolutely adorable, the people are friendly and welcoming, and overall it feels like you’re part of the family regardless of how often you go. Also, parking is free, easy, and right outside the front door which always improves my own vibe.
Worth It?
Let’s be real for a minute… the main issue that most people have with smaller specialized gyms is the cost. Studio Fusion is not the least expensive, but it’s also incredibly reasonable for the classes and services provided, and it’s much less expensive than most other semi-comparable studios. From my experience, most places will charge you $18-$25 for a single class, while Studio Fusion comes in at a reasonable $15. Plus, if you’re smart about it and take full advantage of going, you can buy a package of classes, a monthly membership, or maybe even use a coupon to try a class out for free! It is absolutely worth it in every way. I started by purchasing a package of 5 classes and quickly jumped up to a monthly membership. As aforementioned, I plan on going back on weekends I’m available so I will be purchasing another package of classes very soon!
The Results?
AMAZING!!!! I have noticed more results from Studio Fusion than ANYWHERE ELSE EVER! Seriously, it changed my entire perspective and outlook. I went from saying “this is just how my body is” to “ummm, just kidding, that’s NOT just how my body is!” I even remember the moment when I realized the change… I was in a Yoga Sculpt Fusion class and we went into a down facing dog position – as I was hanging out with my head upside down, I glanced at my legs and almost fell over… My legs looks leaner than EVER before… EVER before. My whole mentality of being stuck with stubby chubby legs was over. The fusion style that they accomplish and teach so well does an outstanding job of elongating your muscles while toning your entire body to give you that long and lean look no matter how tall or short you are.
The Moral of the Story?
Studio Fusion is worth every penny and every minute spent there.
THANK YOU STUDIO FUSION for showing me first hand that fitness can be fun and that I am not trapped in a certain body type (to some extent haha) – I am longer, leaner and more toned than ever before and with your help, I’ll stay that way forever!

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