Waking Up Accountable

Like most of us, I want it all – I want to be accomplished and support myself, I want a fun and fulfilling social life, I want to be healthy and in shape at all times, and I want time for myself to re-boot. Dang though… that’s a lot to squeeze in, and as my weeks seem to be getting busier and busier, I just don’t have time for it all.
So, about a week ago I decided that I needed to focus on one aspect of my overwhelming schedule and go from there. For me, the exercise aspect seemed to be a good one to address since it fuels and affects so many other things. I’ll go into the week with a solid idea of 3-5 evenings I can go to the gym, attend a great class or go on a nice run… but things always seem come up: meetings, social events, working later than expected, being more mentally and/or physically exhausted than anticipated, and so on. Regardless of my calendar though, a regular and consistent  exercise routine is so critical! When that part of my week falls to the wayside, I feel more tired, I have less motivation and drive, I don’t eat as well, I have more restless energy, I have trouble sleeping, I feel gross, and I have a really hard time getting back into a more regular workout routine afterwards.
My solution?
Creating a Monday through Friday AM workout plan as an exercise fail-safe!
Working in 10-15 minutes of exercise on weekday mornings seemed like a great way to be realistic (since I fail miserably every time I attempt a full 30-45 minute workout in the morning), wake up accountable, get my exercise in even if my evenings fill up, and go into each day feeling great. To my delight, my good friends Hanna Azboy and Emily Adams were feeling the same way. So, we joined forces and created an AM-LDA Plan (AM-Long Distance Accountability) for this week that just came to a end. Yes, there were some snags, understandably, but overall I’d say it was a total success! Each night, we agreed on our workout routine for the next morning (usually via text message or phone call) and each morning/day we confirmed our status of completion (usually via a text message saying “I DID IT!! YEAHHHH!!!”).
You wanna play?
Great! Since I like you guys, I decided I’d share what my week of AM workouts looked like….
Repeat cycle 2 more times
End with 100 jumping jacks
50 (phantom) jump rope
Repeat cycle 2 more times
End with 50 (phantom) jump rope & 20 mountain climbers
12 lunges (each leg)
Repeat cycle 2 more times
End with 50 (phantom) jumping jacks & 20 butt kicks
50 (phantom) jump rope
Repeat cycle 2 more times
End with 50 (phantom) jump rope & 20 high knees
3 sets of plank – holding for 30-45 seconds
3 sets of bridge – 20 reps per set
3-5 minutes of shadow boxing and/or high energy dance mix
5-10 minutes stretching and/or yoga poses




  1. Sounds like a great morning workout plan!

  2. You have been nominated for the Very Inspiring Blogger and One Lovely Blog Awards! Please do not feel pressure to accept but if you decide you’d like to, check out my post…http://photoscience.wordpress.com/2012/05/30/i-woke-up-this-morning-and-won-2-blog-awards/Have a fantastic day,Chanel

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