A Make It Count Monday

After an eventful weekend celebrating the upcoming marriage of my wonderful friend, Heather, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t feeling a little sore, a little sunburned, a little stuffed, and a little slow moving. Lucky for me, though, I was surrounded all weekend by women who are also interested in health and fitness to one extent or another. In addition to Ms. Love Fit Life, the group was equip with Zumba instructors, an active Herbalife customer and advocate, and everyday fit life lovers. Needless to say, we had absolutely no problem munching on fruits, veggies and hummus, dancing late into the night, and chatting about healthier drink options and lifestyle choices…. As human beings that enjoy a good time though, we also didn’t have any trouble making a Del Taco run one night, sipping on fruity high calorie drinks and lounging by the pool instead of hitting the incredible hotel gym (evidence provided below).
To my (expected) dismay, I rolled myself out of bed this morning and instantly thought about how one more day of laughing and lounging would be so much cooler than getting back to the grind. At that moment, I realized something so undeniably important to my fit life – the choices I make today, my first day back to reality after vacation, those are the ones that will count… today is the day that I choose whether I’m going jump back on board with my routine or let vacation mode lead the way to total couch control for who knows how long. Today will be the hardest. It will not be fun and I might want to throw a mini tantrum because I can’t have another bloody mary or breakfast burrito today, but it will be worth it. I have to be real and acknowledge that if I want a balanced fit life where I allow myself to go out, splurge and indulge once in a while, I have to actually bounce back on Monday (or whatever day it falls on)… I have to snap out of vacation mode and make it count when I return.
However…… I must also be real and acknowledge that I… am… lagging… today…  Thus, I treat my arrival home and the days that follow like a weaning process.
Vacation makes me feel like… gee-wiz, it would sure be super awesome if I could just be on vacation all the time and miraculously be fit, healthy, balanced, and beyond…
::Slow & Steady::
Since I don’t typically want to exercise when I first get back home, I’m easing in slow and steady. Today I spent my lunch break doing a nice walk and jog with a co-worker, then I went on a brisk 3 mile walk after work. I’ve also penciled in a few exercise classes this week because I know I’ll have a harder time than usual directing and motivating myself.
I get home and realize I have nothing to eat, I’m feeling incredibly lazy, and I want a Jack in the Box Grilled Breakfast Sandwich. This is when I must pull out my no hassle (like, 10 minutes in the store or less), bridge back into healthier choices, and simulate the deliciousness of vacation grocery list.
::Grocery List::
Eggs (great for you, easy to make and I’ll eat them with anything)
Gouda Cheese (this is my indulge within limits cheese – it makes me feel like I’m eating something that I shouldn’t be and it’s oh so delicious!)
Whole Roasted Chicken (perfect for pulling apart in 2 minutes and eating for 3-5 meals until you’re ready to get your butt back to the kitchen)
Bananas and Apples (potassium and fiber? yes, please)
Green Beans, Asparagus, Cucumbers, Carrots, Iceberg Lettuce, Cabbage (time to reload on the veggies – I pick super easy to steam veggies or ones I like to eat raw/cold; I like the Iceberg Lettuce and Cabbage because it’s food that hydrates and I can eat a ton for very few calories)
Cornichons (umm… perfection, bliss, heaven on Earth? These sharp and tart little baby pickles are beyond words and allow me to easily hop back into gear with healthier choices)
Mini (1 serving) Ice Cream of Choice (just enough for one last hooray before next time)
Coconut Water (hydrate and rebuild in style)
Yah, you might think some or all of that list are odd choices, and that’s cool with me… Those are just the things that work for me – it’s up to you to find your own perfect snap back grocery cart.
Happy Week to You!


  1. This is really motivating. Thank you Love Fit Life!! 🙂

  2. The picture of all of us is motivation enough for me! Thanks! 😉

  3. Mmmm Bloody Marys..I totally indulged on one this Mother's Day. Delicious! Back to reality though.. I hear ya on that!

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