Prep for Success – Plan It, Live It, Love It.

Priorities and the process of change are funny things. While we know what our priorities should be, we often perform the tasks that fall into the pleasure category. We ask people for advice about losing weight or being healthy, but we refuse to change our habits and actually follow through to advance in a different direction. Complaining and making excuses comes so easily, continuously allowing endless amounts of time to be spent in the ditch that we’ve put ourselves in. What it ultimately comes down to is when you choose to say “enough.” 
Since I started my fit life journey, it’s been challenging for me to sit back and watch people talk and talk about change, but maintain the same priorities… or lack of priorities, for that matter. While I’m no saint, I am proud that I have implemented positive new priorities in my life and allowed myself to change my state of mind and ability to follow through on the goals I set… and it dawned on me – I was ready, REALLY READY for change, and some people are not… yet. We have to take a personal stand for ourselves and accept the responsibility that can only be our own to take. When will you be ready to stop talking about change and actually do it? When will you be committed to a shift in personal priorities? When will you look in the mirror and decide to improve the person staring back at you instead of complaining about it? When will you really be ready?
This week, I’m ready to step it up. I’m ready to reach my goals and end the roller coaster of yo-yo-ing. I’m ready to take personal responsibility. I’m ready to give as much advice as I can to others without trying to change or accept what they need to do for themselves. I’m ready to plan, live, and love my life without looking back. Are you?
Spring is here, the sun is shining (in Southern California, at least), flowers are beginning to bloom, and I don’t think there’s any better time to reach you own “enough” point. We have to stop planning on “I’ll do ________ when I get some free time,” because that point might not come. Do it now; Commit to yourself now.  Want help? Great! Stay tuned for a week of my go-to workout, daily eating regimen, and some tracking tools that helped me transition from a life of talking about change while sitting on the couch to a life of being in control of my health, daily activity, and overall personal well-being. 

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  1. well said! implementing this week and accomplishing my goal of working out 5 days this week! no excuses šŸ™‚

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