The Home Stretch

Word on the street is, a lot of you are hitting that plateau and having trouble getting past it. I definitely understand that! In fact, that’s where I am right now. I’ve come so far and I’m almost there… I’m eating well, exercising, balancing my body and mind… so why can’t I quite make it to my goal?? What gives, man?! According to what I read and the things I’ve experienced, it takes time and a lot of minor tweaks to an already working engine.  

That’s Good… This is Better.

Thinking of eating right, staying active, and obtaining overall balance as something to do everyday… Embracing a healthy and fit lifestyle and taking pride in positive changes.
Cardio 4 or 5 times a week… Interval training 3 times a week.
Walking around during the day… Standing for at least an hour a day & wearing a pedometer.

Lifting weights… Doing bursts of cardio in between lifting weights (i.e. 1 minute of jumping jacks or jump rope in between strength training exercises)
Decreasing your intake of unhealthy fats… Decreasing your meat intake.
Taking half of your meal home for leftovers… Eating an apple 15 minutes before a meal.
Watching portion sizes – most of the time… Watching portion sizes – all the time and especially on the weekend!
Taking mental notes of what you’re eating… Writing down everything you’re eating.
Having a go to workout spot and a consistent routine… Switching up your workout spot and keeping your body guessing.
Semi planning your eating for the day… Making a task list of your meals for the day and checking them off as you go.
Generally knowing how many calories you consume and burn… Knowing exactly how many calories you consume and burn. 
Stepping on the scale once a week or once in a while… Stepping on the scale every day or two to track minor changes (i.e: impact of going out the night before, or splurging on that burger and fries… just once…).
Thinking you’re smaller because your clothes fit better… Knowing you’re smaller because you use a tape measure to track how your body changes.

Acting happy… Being happy.

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