Prep for Success – Paving the Path to Better Decisions

The Mental Shift
The time has come. I need to commit to the right mentality – 100%. Leading a flourishing, fit and happy lifestyle takes a positive and committed mindset. For me, that means digging a little deeper to find my tipping point. This week, let’s just get it out of the way… we all have issues, we all tend to make unhealthy decisions, and deep down we all know why. It’s cool. Let’s just acknowledge, accept, and adjust accordingly. We can think of it like cleaning out the closet and making room for a new positive way of thinking!
Finding Comfort
Changes make most of us feel uncomfortable; it’s not what we’re familiar with and it means plunging into the unknown. It’s time to get a grip though… committing to being active, eating right, finding balance and being happy is not something that will end badly. I think it’s safe to say this is a good set of changes to fully commit to – after all, the worst that will happen is I’ll live longer, enjoy my life more fully, sleep better, have more natural positive energy, lower my chances of illness and disease, have a healthy family that will also lead longer healthier lives, etc….
Taking Responsibility
Yes, there is a lot that is outside my control, but ultimately, I decide how and what I eat, when and how often I exercise, and how I balance myself. I’ve seen what happens and how I feel when I’ve behaved as the “victim” and denied responsibility for making smart decisions… now, it’s time to be in charge of my decisions.
Time is of the Essence
This week especially, I’m going to be very busy. My calendar is full of after work engagements, which means my fit life will be tested. Perfect timing! I was totally hoping I would be challenged to workout during a week of seemingly no time, eat well outside of my home the majority of the week, and keep myself fully charged from start to finish! 
Ok, but seriously, I’ve been wanting to try morning workouts more consistently, so this is a perfect trial week! My nights are busy and that’s usually when I exercise, so I’m getting myself organized ahead of time to jump out of bed in the morning and get my blood flowing. I’ve also been wanting to test out my restaurant willpower and finally make that transition from choosing fries on the side to fruit! 
Soo many good opportunities!
The week is ours for the taking. 
Remember who’s in charge of you.

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