Tricks and Tips Tuesday – Goal Getter Gear

DIY (Do It Yourself) Fit Life Manual

As I started becoming more and more interested in health, fitness, eating right and overall balance, I quickly realized that I needed to start keeping and organizing the information and resources I was finding. Thus, I created my very own fit life manual. I dug out my 3 hole punch from when I was in school and went to the 99 cent store (because this girl is on a budget) to grab a binder and dividers – voila, my fit life manual kit was complete. From there, every time I read something in a magazine, online, in a book, etc… I added it to my binder under one of the following tabs:
:: General Advice, Tricks & Tips ::
:: Exercises & Prepared Workouts ::
:: Eat Right ::
:: De-Stress, Yoga, Stretching, Meditation ::

Now, every time I need or want a new workout, meal inspiration, de-stressing tools, motivation in general, etc… I know exactly where to go. Not only that, but the space on my bookshelves that used to be full of old magazines and random printed stuff that I never looked at is now a few easy to use binders!

Experience – Record – Remember

I just recently started what I like to call “Experience – Record – Remember” in an attempt to keep myself in check and on track. When I do something like a new workout or totally over indulge, I pull out my phone and take notes. As lame as it may sound, it’s working. Here’s the best example I have so far…

Last Friday I had a “BAD” fit life day… no exercise, donuts for breakfast, taco feast for lunch, and (really good) Himalayan food for dinner (an excessive amount, might I add) accompanied with lots of wine. Needless to say, I felt extremely yucky! While I’m all about avoiding extremes and finding balance, I was disappointed in myself for practicing so little self control. So, I sat there feeling absolutely terrible, stomach rumbling, eyes drooping, and realized I had reached my tipping point. I grabbed my phone and took the following notes:

! Craving Caving !
I feel…
too full
my tummy grumbling and unhappy with me
disappointed that I didn’t practice more self control
eye droooooping
unable to focus
like my pants are too tight
my feet swelling… seriously, what is going on? my heels barely even fit…
I want…
to remember this feeling
to practice more self control when tempted in the future
to enjoy food and life without reaching this point
to consistently live and love my fit life

Literally, that is exactly what my note in my iPhone notepad says, and I can honestly tell you it’s working. In the past few days since then, I’ve pulled out this note every time a craving struck and I was able to work through it. Try it sometime and be your own goal getter!



  1. RACHEL. I have been reading your blog and have decided that you need to me my personal trainer/life coach FOR REAL! This blog is great.

  2. RONNIE THAT MAKES ME SO HAPPY!! Thank you! Hit me up anytime for some quality one on one motivation girlfriend 🙂 And I'm definitely going to do a beans and cheese remix dedicated to you haha!

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