Weigh in Wednesday

I’m fighting…
self consciousness
and most of all – I’m fighting FOR ME.
Accountability Check Point
Welcome back to another Weigh in Wednesday. I’m so excited for my Accountability Check Point this week because I have good/great/wonderful things to report! Having a week of prep work that plays out well really gets me going… It helps motivate me to keep up the good work and spend a few minutes each week planning ahead. Let’s check it out, shall we?

Thought about it and worked it out all week long! One thing I honed in on was how successful I am when I switch up “self-controlled” workouts like  going to the gym or running and include classes like kickboxing, zumba, barre, etc… I pushed myself to get to a kickboxing class at my favorite spot Classic Kickboxing in Pasadena, CA this week and even though I was tired and felt a bit weaker than usual, it was PERFECT and just what I needed to get going. I also spent time thinking about and addressing my tendency to munch while working at the office all day – by filling my lunch cooler with healthy snacks, I allowed myself to snack all day without feeling guilty… plus, smaller, more frequent meals are great for your metabolism! 
The candy jar and I are still having issues… chocolate is just something I always want and nothing else quite does the trick when I’m craving it. However, I’ve been doing a great job of telling myself “NO” more than usual! In light of avoiding extremes and being realistic about gradual changes in the right direction, I’m very pleased about my increased ability to say “NO” even though I still downed a little too much chocolate.
Splish Splashed this week and LOVED IT! THANK YOU, Lira brothers for being my mentors and holding my hand while walking into the extremely intimidating pool area. Yes, like most things I do for the first time, I was oddly nervous. However, also like most things I do for the first time, my butterflies were released as soon as I jumped in (apparently, they can’t swim). It was exciting to get a different type of workout than I’m used to and the unusual feeling of overall exhaustion that following my swim session was refreshing. My new goal is to get my gills wet at least once a week – STOKED! 
As you know, Kumbaya was the name of the game this week. Yes, I did stretch a lot more than usual and I’m very proud of myself for that. No, I haven’t been to a yoga class in about 2 weeks and I’m very sad about that. My body feels better when stretching, my performance increases, and at the end of it all, it’s really just a few extra minutes! 
As discussed, I wanted to take a ride with the good ol’ Quinoa this week. Oh and did it?! YES, yes I did. I started the week by making a batch of Quinoa (1 cup of Quinoa cooked in 2 cups chicken stock) and just let it cook while I was running around the house getting things done. I popped it in a tupperware and dove in on several different occasions for a 1/4 or 1/2 cup to add to my meal(s). I did on one occasion try to get adventurous by making an egg white, quinoa, zucchini and cheese wrap that tasted absolutely awful – but its OK! All my other meals were delicious and I’m planning on batch #2 asap! 

Crunching Numbers

I routinely get into a (bad) habit of playing the numbers game. On a walk with my sister (and Personal Trainer and CEO of Fit for Expecting), Jennifer Barker, this week, we discussed the importance of focusing on overall health and performance rather than numbers. Unfortunately, those great Special K ads are not real and scales don’t show you things like “JOY” or “CONFIDENCE” when you step on. So, here’s to putting my calculator down and moving forward accordingly.

:: Subtracting ::
(1) Paying too close attention to numbers like weight and calorie counting!
(2) Being too hard on myself when the numbers don’t add up (or subtract) the way I want or planned.

:: Adding ::
(1) More focus on how I look, feel, perform, and retain success!
(2) More understanding that being strong and fit will often result in a higher number on the scale than I think.


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