Fun Time Friday

St. Patty’s (Non)Fatties
Tomorrow is St. Patrick’s Day – don’t worry, Love Fit Life is here to help you have fun while hanging onto your fit life goals. Plus, the great news is, St. Patrick’s Day is the day of green goodness…so OBVIOUSLY all you’re going to do is eat veggies, RIGHT?? HAAAAAHAAAAA… just kidding.
Here’s some tips to remember:

Going out?
  • If you’re ordering a full meal, remember the half it trick we talked about in this week’s Tasty Thursday – half everything on your plate and immediately box up one of the halves. Not going straight home and worried about carrying around leftovers? When I’m in that situation I give my half box to someone on the street in need (or someone drunk at the bar if you’re in an area that hides the homeless) – they get a meal, you feel great for helping out, win win situation.
  • Choose a meal or appetizers that you can share with a buddy! Suggest the healthier options to share too… I find that people are surprisingly open to it (especially after a few drinks or when not paying close attention).
  • Ordering something like a sandwich, burger, hot dog, or anything else surrounded by bread? Just remove one of the bread borders and you’ll be in much better shape.
  • Worried about buying too many drinks and/or too much food? If possible, just bring cash – not using your credit card helps a lot because you have a limit!
  • Pretend you’re a leprechaun and dance around all day (not kidding).

House Party?

  • Try to take some control of the food options! For instance, I’ll be house partying it up tomorrow and insisted on bringing a fruit platter and veggie platter – that way, even if there’s a bunch of terribly unhealthy food choices, I’ll have something to fall back on!
  • Commit to filling your plate a set number of times. For example, instead of just hanging around the snack table, get a plate of food and stick to it. Maybe even give yourself some wiggle room and commit to 2 plates… whatever works to stop the constant munching.
  • Red cups around? Set a drink limit for yourself and grab that number of cups to stack up while you drink… throw each one away as you finish that drink and you’ll know when to stop when you get to the last cup in your stack.
  • Pretend you’re a leprechaun and dance around all day (still not kidding).

Regardless of Your Plans…

  • Play the CHUG WATER CHALLENGE! (see this week’s Tricks and Tips Tuesday if you’re like, ummm… what is that?)
  • Be the leader of the pack and suggest something active like a walk, throwing a ball around outside or a leprechaun dance party!
  • Be in control of yourself and your food and alcohol consumption. Don’t want to fill up on 20 beers? DON’T or bring your own drink of choice! Don’t want to eat out all day? Eat a good meal before you go! Don’t want to feel like a fat slug after celebrating? Squeeze in a workout before heading out the door!
  • Remember to be strong, think about your goals, have fun in moderation, and YOU CAN DO IT!

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