Weigh in Wednesday

Hopefully moving in the right direction and making progress! For me, I’m not exactly where I want to be in my fit life journey on this Weigh in Wednesday, BUT, it’s just that – a journey, and all journeys have ups, downs, and windy roads to conquer. Instead of beating ourselves up and re-wondering again and again why we had that many drinks this last weekend and how on EARTH we let our cab driver take us through Jack in the Box, let’s just reflect, shall we?
Celebrate Your Fit Life!
That’s me! Enjoying my lunch break jog today in beautiful Southern California and reminding myself and all of you to celebrate your fit life and never lose motivation to get to where you want to be.

Accountability Check Point
In case you forgot, there were some great Prep for Success items identified last Sunday. I do much better sticking to a fit life when I give myself accountability check points, rather than just having ideas and goals that are left in the dust. Accordingly, let’s see how my prep work played out:

Hydrated with Attitude more than 3 days this last week! Drank the Dr. Oz Weight Orade and loved it…also made some for my co-workers who agreed it was very nice and refreshing. I even started adding cucumber which gave it a fun extra kick. I’m hooked J

Not really in a smoothie mood this week so didn’t end up trying the Go Green Smoothie. Feeling okay about it though because I’ve had many smoothies loaded with fruits and veggies before, and I’m looking forward to getting my Go Green Smoothie on when I’m in the mood for a cold treat!

Loving myself and putting myself first J As always, trying not to get down on myself when the road winds a bit more than expected. Getting to and maintaining a fit life can be a roller coaster, so I’m just reminding myself to enjoy the ride and focus on being happy.

Tried Barre Fly at Rock It Workouts (http://www.rockitworkouts.com/) and LOVED IT! It felt great to get back to a class setting and really work my muscles in a different way than I have been. Even better, I noticed that I had a much easier time getting through the hour because I’m working out and eating well. EVEN BETTER, I noticed that I’m finally getting to the point of LIKING the burn instead of dreading it. YES!

Not giving up (even after a weekend of over-indulgence) and ALWAYS reminding myself to embrace my unique qualities, abilities and body type. Being okay with the way you look can be extremely challenging when we’re constantly surrounded by media and social pressures, but we are all strong enough to rise above and love ourselves no matter what! Believe in yourself!
Rising Above the Influence

:: Recycling ::
Going out and hitting the town is fun, but this week I can’t help but reflect on the impact it has on me and my fit life. For me, once the first drink is down, I want to let the good times keep rolling… 
Too often that means:
– Drinking more than I should
– Spending too much $$$
– Consuming more calories than I want or need 
– Late night snacking (without eating healthy at the forefront of my mind)
– Sluggish days to follow
– De-motivation
:: Refilling ::
(1) Being in a social setting without having to down a bunch of drinks…sure people and places are way more entertaining, but I want to focus on the long term goals that I love rather than the short term pleasures that I lust; 
(2) Remembering to play in moderation – being strong and saying no to too many drinks and all that comes with it!
Yum Yum in my Tum Tum

:: Fill ’em Up ::
(1) Doing great with my fruit and veggie intake! I’m actually going to have an orange right now…
(2) Finding success in grocery shopping and actually eating everything I get. I’m a recovering “I don’t eat leftovers/the food I buy” person, and I just want to jump up and down with joy that I’m finally breaking that cycle! 
:: Spoiled Goods ::
(1) TOO MUCH CHOCOLATE!! Enough Rachel, you hear me?! ENOUGH! Eat your damn Jell-o Chocolate Pudding snack and be done with it already!
(2) Splurging under the influence… we discussed this. I’m talking to my cab driver, Victor, and making sure he knows that Jack in the Box trips are not allowed no matter how much I swear I want it or how intoxicated I am!

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