Prep for Success – Variation Nation

It’s that time of the week again… as we bask in the beautiful love hate relationship that is Sunday we find ourself faced with another work/school/life week ahead and can’t help but think “Boo, you whore” as Mean Girls would say.
I don’t know about you, but I need a little pizzaz this week. You know, just a bit of sparkle that will keep me interested and boost me to my fit life goals? Variation Nation, baby. Mix it up, try try try and find something new that you LOVE, never settle and always keep smiling. 
Think About It – Work It Out

My mom often says to me “Rachel, you don’t have ADD/ADHD – you have a very active mind and energetic character.” Thanks, mom, but unfortunately, saying it so nicely still doesn’t change the fact that I get distracted and bored every 5 seconds. This week, I want to hone in on working with those character traits and use them to my advantage. Keep it fresh, as some would say. 
Look Before Leaping

I WILL say NO to myself when I walk past the candy jar at work
I WILL say NO to myself when I walk past the candy jar at work
I WILL say NO to myself when I walk past the candy jar at work
Nobody is perfect and I certainly don’t have the level of will power that I would like sometimes, but that just means it’s something to diligently think about and work on. I’ve found that literally telling myself “No!” (sometimes out loud even) makes a huge difference in my ability to walk away. When I start consciously paying attention to what I’m doing and talking myself through those actions, I start making and seeing changes. Mama likes.
Splish Splash

I want long, lean, fit, fabulous and my go to cardio is plateauing…Ugh. I love you elliptical, treadmill, pavement, and spin bike, but I’m getting a little over it right now. We’re in this relationship for the long haul so I’m going to need something fresh and new that I haven’t been doing. This week I’m adding swimming to my routine. I’m really excited! I even punched my “I don’t have a good swimsuit for swimming laps and I don’t want to spend money” excuse in the face and replaced it with a trip to Dick’s Sporting Goods,  a perfect for swimming laps one piece swimsuit that of course was on sale because this girl is on a budget, and looking up my pool options. Let the laps begin!
Stretching and winding down is not an area I have conquered yet. I often catch myself skipping this important process and my body and mind feel it… NOT ANYMORE! Stretching is my new best friend this week, and you can’t stop us from hanging out so don’t even try. 
Fueling Up
After a weekend of eating out, drinking a bit more than anticipated and surprisingly memorable chicken wings, I’m ready for a bowl of veggies and incorporating a new super food. Accordingly – Rachel, meet quinoa…Quinoa, meet Rachel. I’ve had quinoa before but it’s not something I cook with a lot or eat on a regular basis. I want to change that – quinoa is a total bad a$$ in the healthy foods world and that’s just what I need! Also, since I do better with ingredient based cooking rather than following recipes, I’m brushing up on cooking ideas, foods it cooks well with, cooking techniques, etc… I think I’m going to start by making a nice big pot of quinoa tomorrow night – that way, I’ll have 4-6 servings that will already be cooked and ready to go throughout the week! Want to research and incorporate quinoa with me? Good idea, good looking! 
May your week be filled with motivation, inspiration, and success… and never forget:
 don’t strive to fit a mold, thrive while being the best YOU possible… 

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