Fun Time Friday


OK people, let’s get real…. it’s Friday and all you want to do is get out of school, work, etc as quickly as possible and have a good time. Is there anything wrong with that? Absolutely NOT! As you’ve probably learned by now, maintaining balance is a vital component of Love Fit Life – so go out, live a little, and most importantly, learn how to balance a fit life with letting loose and splurging in moderation.

Lights, Camera, Action
Planning to hit the town tonight and get a little saucy? If so… have fun, be safe, and remember that hangovers are not a good excuse for missing a workout or eating an entire pizza by yourself (don’t worry, I’ve TOTALLY done that and as delicious as an entire pizza tastes, you feel like a triple H: huge heavy hippopotamus). Also remember that choosing your alcohol beverages wisely will go a long way – depending on what you drink and how much, you could be adding a lot of unnecessary calories to your day and doing a lot of damage to your fit life goals.
Since I began calorie counting and paying closer attention to my alcohol consumption, drinking has become more frustrating. Yes, I want to go out and drink sometimes; No, I don’t want my night(s) out to undo all of my progress. Lucky for me, I was recently turned onto flavored Vodka by my amazing friend and die-hard Raspberry Vodka fan, Emily Adams. Since my proper introduction to flavored Vodka, I’ve been sticking with Raspberry Vodka (or any other flavor that the bar has for that matter) and Soda. The flavor in the Vodka accomplishes what I would normally turn to Cranberry Juice, OJ, or a soft drink for, but without the extra calories….and soda (soda water/seltzer) is a whopping 0 calories. Yup, that means 1 drink is only 100 calories (according to the Calorie King).
Happy Drinking!

Take a Detour

When I really began adopting a fit life, I realized something… friends are friends, and the people who will only hang out with me or talk to me if I’m getting wasted with them and living an unhealthy life are lame and not worth my worries. Don’t have the desire to go put on a black mini skirt and drink tonight? Great! Explore other options and find fun healthy ways to entertain yourself… there’s a million options to choose from.

Don’t believe me? My wonderful friend Katharine Ballas (who has also been a fitspiration to me for practically ever) and I recently traded in our happy hour dates during the week with walking/running dates around the Rose Bowl in Pasadena. As it turns out, talking, catching up, and having a great time together is NOT something we can only accomplish while sitting at the bar while sipping wine and snacking on hor d’oeuvres. You rock, Katharine, and let’s plan another Rose Bowl date soon!


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