Weigh in Wednesday

Welcome to Weigh in Wednesday!
Evaluating where you stand and tracking your progress is an important part of reaching and keeping a fit life. Don’t be fooled though, this process is NOT all about numbers and stepping on the scale. Since I’m a firm believer in finding what works for YOU (because that’s ultimately what you’ll enjoy and continue doing), I’m constantly assessing and re-assessing my positive growth and areas that need improvement. Want to know some of the things I check up on?? Great, because I’m going to tell you…
The Magic of Wednesday
Wednesdays have been a successful weigh in day for me for a long time now. Since its perfectly situated in the middle of the week, I can level out as needed if its been a long crazy weekend beforehand. I also find myself experiencing a bit of hump day happiness on Wednesdays which is beneficial and helps keep me positive (especially when my check up isn’t looking so hot). Among many other things I keep track of, numbers is one of them. When it comes to the scale though, I don’t stress or scrutinize over what it tells me – when I have in the past, I’ve lost sight of maintaining balance and consistency. Ultimately, an overall fit life is my priority.
2010 @ 146 lbs
Not taking care of myself, feeling like crap and wanting change. Until now, most of my time was spent talking about making positive changes and leaving the action part out of it. Guess what? That doesn’t work.
2011 @ 137 lbs
Moving in the right direction and feeling so much better! The main things I notice are my health improving, less stomach aches, and more positive energy as well as physical energy and stamina. Finished my 1st 5K and loved it!
2012 @ 127 lbs
Finally made myself my priority, living more of a fit life than ever before and feeling fantastic! I’m finding pleasure in exercise; I eat well not only because I want to, but it tastes and feels so much better. I frequently reach out to my fitspirations for guidance and ways to push my limit, and I’m loving my own role as a fitspiration to others.
Love It or Hate It – Bare All
I decided to share my most recent “progress pic” for a few reasons
My friend Dylan Smith recently inspired me when he went totally public with his weight loss goals and desire to positively change his habits. When I saw his “before pic,” stats, and fitness/weight loss goals posted on Facebook I thought… Wow, Dylan has some huge freaking balls and that is incredible! He helped me remember that exposure and public support is a key factor in keeping yourself accountable. Thank you, Dylan and keep up the good work!
After only 3 posts on Love Fit Life, there has already been some hate-or-ade splashed around regarding “fake” female body pictures included. So, here you go world… I am a real woman. My body certainly is not perfect, I’m definitely no model or unnaturally tan chick with beads of sweat dripping down my rock hard abs, but I look and feel better than I every have in my life and I think that’s awesome!
My goal with Love Fit Life is to be a FITSPIRATION to myself and the people around me. I have no before picture because I never ever thought I’d be doing this and quite honestly, I didn’t start my journey with a lot of weight to lose. My fit life journey is about becoming the best me I can be and helping people understand that taking care of yourself should always be a priority. You don’t have to be obese to make changes, you don’t have to obsess about a weight loss goal or the number of calories you eat everyday, but you do need to focus on yourself no matter what and you should always strive to reach your maximum potential.
Moving in the Right Direction 

I always give special thought to my exercise progress to avoid plateauing, continue growing stronger, increase my endurance, and fight my natural tendency to get bored.
:: Proud Of ::
(1) Consistently running for over 30 minutes straight and remembering that when I started running about a year ago I would tap out after a 5 minute jog. Yeahhaaaa!
(2) Reaching 7 mph during my run this week! And yes, I made sure there was water nearby because being on fire can get dangerous…
:: Working On ::
(1) Attending fitness classes rather than just paying for them!
Mind Over Matter

Never forget to focus on mental and emotional health. Balance is key for so many reasons and in so many ways… plus – breakdowns, stress, being a cranky pants and exhaustion equals no fun at all!
:: Peace of Mind ::
(1) Started meditating at least 3-4 days a week for 10 minutes or more a session. That sh*t is crazy and I want MORE!
(2) Swapping out some T.V. for reading at night has been a smash hit. Falling asleep easier, feeling smarter, and expanding my interests = win, win, win
:: Wrapping My Head Around ::
(1) Keeping my mind completely free and clear during longer sessions of meditation.
(2) Maintaining mental and emotional strength during the toughest moments – just keep breathing! 


  1. I, too, am guilty of paying lots for exercise classes that don't get attended much ;)Liking the blog!

  2. tell me more about meditation. I'm a stress fiend these days (thesis writing sucks the right out of me)!

  3. You are so beautiful inside and out! Thanks for sharing your journey and for being an inspiration! You make me want to go out and tackle the world!! (And actually do it.)

  4. Ugh…such a bad habit and I'm glad to know I'm not the only one! I'm focusing on 1 week at a time to make sure I get there – doing much better so far 🙂

  5. Yes! You're not the only one that's interested so I'm getting a meditation how-to/spotlight ready to post! So glad you're reading and enjoying Love Fit Life xoxo

  6. Thanksss Em!! And you/we WILL actually do it… starting with a Cardio Barre class next week 🙂

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